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Project Template

Template for creating a project page (Does not need to be adhered to, just a rough outline.) Also gives a way to update the current status on another page - just include the following code:


and that will include any text included in the <only include> tags.


{{Infobox project
|title = Project Title
|image = example_image.jpg
|caption = image Caption
|author = eg. TBSliver
|startdate = Some Time
|enddate = Some Other Time
|mcu = Braaaains

<onlyinclude>'''Current Status''' - ''Enter current status here''</onlyinclude>

''Quick outline of project''

== Project Aim ==
''what the project is going to do, and what problem is it trying to fix''
* ''bullet points work well here''

== Project Members ==
''insert usernames here''
* ''eg.'' [[user:TBSliver|TBSliver]]

== Hardware ==
''Hardware components, specific parts needed''

== Schematic & Breadboard ==
''picture of the schematic, and beardboard prototype. Can seperate this section out if making multiple schematics or breadboard prototypes - could even make new pages''

== Prototypes ==
''The various iterations of the hardware''

== Software ==
''The software (if any) to run on the hardware/pc''

== Future Upgrades ==
''Extra ideas or extra bits to add to the project once working''

== Related Projects ==
''All related projects''