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The craftspace is, like many areas of the hackspace, a growing area of exploration. This area is looked after and maintained by Team Craft otherwise known as the Crafty Crew - we also run the inductions for the sewing machines, and overlocker.

A picture of the craft area

This area is a clean area for crafting, such as:

  • Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Knitting and Crochet
  • Felting
  • Papercraft including cardmaking and scrapbooking
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Small carving projects
  • Stained glass work
  • Model making and painting

This isn't an exclusive list, but more of a guide.


Lervia 564 sewing machine
The sewing machine
Used for Sewing light to medium weight fabric
Training required Yes

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine
Used for Sewing fabric upto heavy weight
Training required Yes

Singer 14SH754 Overlocker
The Overlocker
Used for Joining and finishing two or more pieces of fabric
Training required Yes

Craft Area Consumables

These are items that the hackspace classes as consumables, and aims to keep in stock. We have a small budget for this so we encourage donations, and have donation jars around the space.

Consumables are sourced and organised by Team Procurement. If we're out of something on this list, please email or put it up on the Trello Board.

  • board markers
  • tape - duct, masking and sello
  • labels for the label makers
  • Sharpie markers - black, fine tipped
  • Stanley blades
  • scalpel blades
  • needles - hand sewing and cheap (from china) machine needles
  • white cotton
  • pins

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