Lockup Procedure

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If you are the last person out of the space, please make sure to do the following:


  1. If you have made a mess, tidy it up! Even the best-intentioned people miss some things, so if you can clean up your mess and 10% of someone else's, things will even out.
  2. Close the windows. There is a 'window closing stick' on the wall to the left of the blue laser cutter.
  3. Make sure the benches are turned off. The 3 main workbenches all have isolation switches on the front. The electronics bench has one at the back right under the shelves
  4. Make sure the Lathe and Laser Cutter plugs are turned off. They are in between the two devices.


  • If there are any bin bags by the internal door, please take as many as you can downstairs and leave them to the right of the front door on Edge Street.
  • If any bins look full or close to the point where you couldn't tie the bag off, please remove the bag and tie it. Replace the bag with one of the same colour from the kitchen stores. Take the full bag outside if you can or at least leave it by the door.


  1. Make sure any cups and glasses have been washed and the taps are turned off.
  2. Ensure that the hot water switch is turned off.

Quiet Room

  1. Turn the lights off. The LED strips(#1) and striplight (#3) in the members lounge are controlled by the remote by the members lounge door.
  2. Make sure the arcade cabinet is turned off. The arcade cabinet currently has no guts, this is only when it is working!