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The MMMM is a monthly meeting on the First Monday of each month at 7pm that all members of the space are invited to. We discuss issues relevant to our community, including project updates, events, decisions, infrastructure and policy changes. Meetings are ended with direction for the upcoming month and wind up with social time.

If there is something you’d like to discuss, please add it to the Agenda, this aims to keep discussions on track and away from Bikeshedding. The meetings aren’t compulsory and members are invited to attend.

Hackspace Manchester, Wellington House, Pollard Street, Manchester, M40 7FS

Next Meeting Agenda

Standing items

Please do not remove these as they are required at each meeting

  • Approval of minutes for last meeting
  • Reports from teams
    • Board
    • Craft
    • Laser
    • 3D Print
    • Documentation
    • Procurement
    • Electrical
    • Events
    • Social
    • Wood

Member submitted items

  • Electricity costs
    • Landlady is installing or has installed, a meter. This is because the new building owners have started charging her electricity costs.
    • Costs will go up this winter with heaters on, which previously we'd been getting for free
    • Talk of 15p/kwh (not official!)
  • End of Lease is in less than a year
    • Do we want to stay?
    • We should look at other units for comparison on what we're paying and getting
    • Team of people to look for new places and make recommendation for whole space
    • Decide how we want to go about it

Previous Meeting's Minutes

Minutes are written up and uploaded to the GitHub repo as a markdown file named by the date the meeting was on.

MMMM Process

  • The month before the MMMM, points can be added to this page (under "Member submitted items") by any member to be discussed
  • At the MMMM, this page will be referenced. Team updates will be requested, and all points will be discussed by the Chair.
  • The minute taker will then write minutes, and upload them to the MMMMM Github repo, see the links above.
  • Once the minutes have been published, the Member Submitted Items will be replaced with `* <Your items here>`
  • The group chat and forum should then be updated with links to the minutes.