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The MMMM is a monthly meeting on the Fourth Monday of each month at 7pm that all members of the space are invited to. We discuss issues relevant to our community, including project updates, events, decisions, infrastructure and policy changes. Meetings are ended with direction for the upcoming month and wind up with social time.

If there is something you’d like to discuss, please add it to the Agenda, this aims to keep discussions on track and away from Bikeshedding. The meetings aren’t compulsory and members are invited to attend.

Hackspace Manchester, Wellington House, Pollard Street, Manchester, M40 7FS

Next Meeting Agenda

Standing items

Please do not remove these as they are required at each meeting

  • Approval of minutes for last meeting
  • Reports from teams
    • Board
    • Craft
    • Laser
    • 3D Print
    • Documentation
    • Procurement
    • Electrical
    • Events

Member submitted items

  • Bin the space day
    • Great work marking and sweeping.
    • Next step: When are we getting a big skip?
    • Put in calendar
  • 3D Printer Filament Sale
    • The proposal is to get a few rolls of filament, and sell them on a per-gram of finished print basis
    • We will need a relatively accurate scale (£12 with a 15 year guarantee), and two or three rolls of filament which will likely cost around £21 each from 3DFilaPrint
    • The suggestion is that we get one black PLA roll, one natural PLA roll, and one roll of whatever happens to be cheap and shiny - but we might be able to get more than one roll as 3DFilaPrint do special deals for hackspaces
    • The aim of this is to lower the barrier of entry for members to both learn to print and to print small occasional items, as well as reducing the need for members to each store spools of material in the already cramped storage bin.

Submissions from afar

  • Snackspace Profit Margins - discussion
    • At the moment we're made around £300 'profit' from about £2,000 being spent by members on snackspace (since april). This is about 15% profit, which is far lower than the standard 35-50% profit on suggested RRP on almost all of the snacks and drinks we sell
      • To put this in perspective, that means with a max spend of £200 for a snackspace run, we make £30 profit - if we took a taxi to the nearest Cash and Carry, it would cost us around £6-8 each way, effectively halving profit (if the cost was claimed back)
    • Costs have risen, but we're selling things far cheaper than everywhere else, plus we haven't increased prices in a long time (if ever)
    • The question is, how much profit do we want snackspace to bring in?
      • Profit merely goes back into space funds, allowing us to maintain equipment, buy consumables, save a war chest (for moving etc), and fund infrastructure projects
      • Prices going up may stop people consuming a much, but even a significant raise in profit is unlikely to take us above many local places prices, especially prices in the city centre - the convenience means people are less likely to change buying habits too
      • I (Chris/badspyro) suggest a modest rise to 25% profit, across every item evenly - for a fair number of items this will mean a small increase, and this would mean an increase over the same timescale (if everyone bought the same quantity) of £200 into the hackspace coffers. This is still far below market rate for all of the products, and will basically still be giving a decent 'discount' to members over the RRP.

Previous Meeting's Minutes

Minutes are written up and uploaded to the GitHub repo as a markdown file named by the date the meeting was on.