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The MMMM is a monthly meeting on the Fourth Monday of each month at 7pm that all members of the space are invited to. We discuss issues relevant to our community, including project updates, events, decisions, infrastructure and policy changes. Meetings are ended with direction for the upcoming month and wind up with social time.

If there is something you’d like to discuss, please add it to the Agenda, this aims to keep discussions on track and away from Bikeshedding. The meetings aren’t compulsory and members are invited to attend.

Hackspace Manchester, Wellington House, Pollard Street, Manchester, M40 7FS

Next Meeting Agenda

  • Members Storage & Large Project Storage
    • Members storage is full
    • One box per person policy - enforecement
    • Large project storage is a dumping ground
    • What should the rules around storage actually be
    • How should they be enforced
    • Historic / Current Guidelines (at least in theory)
  • Open evening
    • Making sure we have someone to introduce / do tours / help people join up every wednesday
    • Making it clear when that person will be around
    • Making it clear to newbs who that person is (BRIGHT PINK HI-VIS?!)
  • Teams
    • Reviving the idea
      • Already have laser - works well (separate telegram group, open to new members)
      • Proposals for tool team (3D printing), area team (Craft), project team (new wiring)
      • Teams to have wiki pages (template)
      • Team membership to be open (may be subject to training)
      • Teams to report progress to MMMM - two sentences will do, just a position update
  • Board Transparency
  • Non-transparent board for projects in the space
  • Member awards ceremony - annual reflection and awards for: biggest project, most destructive member, best WTF.... etc.

Submissions from afar

Previous Meeting's Minutes

Minutes are written up and uploaded to the GitHub repo as a markdown file named by the date the meeting was on.