Sewing Machines

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Lervia 564 sewing machine
The sewing machine
Used for Sewing light to medium weight fabric
Training required Yes
Model Number KH 4000

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty sewing machine
Used for Sewing fabric upto heavy weight
Training required Yes
Model Number 4423
Serial Number ZHC1230714246

Currently, we have a Lervia 564 sewing machine, and a Singer 4423 Heavy Duty machine arriving soon. Users that are not competent at using a machine are required to take an induction, as much for the machine's safety, and that of your fabric, as your own.

Lervia 564 sewing machine

A LIDL-bought sewing machine, fairly basic, and usable - a good starting machine.



Singer 4423 Heavy Duty

This machine is a heavy-duty machine, and is more of an 'advanced' user machine. Some reviews quote it as going through upto eight layers of denim without a problem, and the machine is even able to cope with thin leather.


Quick Start guide - File:SingerQuickStartGuide4432.pdf

Full Manual - File:Singer4423Manual.pdf

Service Manual - File:Singer4423ServiceManual.pdf