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The first finished version of the Splattershot.
Author Jake
Started 28/07/2014
Finished 24/10/2015
Materials PLA (main structure), steel bolts (for holding)
Technology 12v Windscreen Washer Pump, microswitches, 12v battery power supply
Software OpenSCAD, Cura
Project Status
Complete (tweaking)


The Splattershot is the default weapon from the upcoming Nintendo game Splatoon. After being revealed at Nintendo's E3 Direct, I was eager to create something from this fun little game, so I chose to have a go at creating the ink gun that's used as the primary mechanic. I'm a fan of making functional props, so it was also a fun challenge for me.

Since I only had the single game trailer and a promo art piece for reference, I started building the gun around the template of a 2L cola bottle as the main holding tank to set the key scale I would be using for all my pieces. Comparing this bottle to the tank used in the game's version, I was able to slowly build up each part of the gun in an accurate scale to the original.


  • Fires water from a detachable 2L bottle at the top of the gun through a 12v windscreen washer pump
  • Air intake valve to the bottle to prevent pressure building up
  • Trigger-activated
  • Master power switch behind the grip
  • Removable AA (or 9V) batteries for easy replacing/recharging