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A picture of the craft area

Welcome to the home of the Crafty Crew, responsible for looking after, maintaining, and growing the Craftspace, as well as training people up on our equipment!

We're interested in all kinds of crafts, and love growing the equipment and consumables we have to allow the members to learn new skills, try out new toys, and make cool projects.

If you want to see what we're upto, feel free to take a look at our [discourse group]


For sewing, we have two Sewing Machines and an Overlocker that both require training before use by members, and our member Ada Lovelace, the Dressmaker's Dummy - as well as the standard sewing kit and some embroidery hoops. We have brushes, a smattering of paints, some modeling and carving kit, and even some glass painting and leading bits laying about. We're working to expand this, and are looking at acquiring a few pieces of equipment...

Our Lervia Sewing Machine Our Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Our Overlocker

Equipment Wanted

This is part of the main hackspace Tools Wishlist, and contains a brief outline of the tool, the potential cost, and the members who are interested in acquiring and using it.

T-shirt printing stuff

Vinyl Cutter and Heat press would be a good combo for this.

Price: £170 for Vinyl Cutter, £80 for heat press.

Batik Kit

Wax heating pot, several tjanting 'drawing' tools, fabric dye of different colours, pile of paraffin wax.

This will allow wax to be drawn on material to resist and stop dye from flowing into different areas of the fabric, allowing for crisp white lines to permeate sections of bold colour, and give strong designs.

Price - £80 for the heating pot, we have three tjanting tools already.

Embroidery Machine

A sewing machine on steroids - they can sew specific patterns of embroidery onto fabric, make patches, and more. The really good ones even hook up to a PC.

Price - £1000 for a good model, hopefully less second hand

Knitting Machine

Sadly, our old model was impossible to get the spare part it needed to work - so we're on the hunt for a donated or second hand model.

Small spray-paint compressor

Far more manageable for smaller paint projects, easier to manage, and cheaper to run in paint costs and electricity. Decent ones can be had fairly cheaply from ebay and china

Price - £50

Microwave Glass Kiln

Some crafters may well be interested in doing glass-work and jewelry, this could open us up to the more 'etsy' market of users.

Price - ~£100 for the kiln, £50 for the 'non-food' labeled microwave

Leather Working Tools

Price: Around £40

Vibratory Finisher

"They are good for polishing stuff"

Price: Around £150

Hydro Dipping

Things needed for a full setup:

  • 36l Really Useful Box (maybe with cheap tap installed for emptying)
  • Spray activator
  • Blank hydrographic film
  • Blank film sealer

This works out to be roughly £100 worth of materials and equipment, plus an inkjet printer that could handle 'pigment' inks rather than dye.

A HP Deskjet 1510 (cheap, has scanner, and linux compatible), plus a continuous ink system and pigment ink should run to £100, but will give us a solid new photo printer with a low re-fill ink cost.

Craft Area Consumables

These are items that the hackspace classes as consumables, and we and Team Purchasing aim to keep in stock for our area. We have a small budget for this so we encourage donations, and have donation jars around the space.

  • board markers
  • tape - duct, masking and sello
  • labels for the label makers
  • Sharpie markers - black, fine tipped
  • Stanley blades
  • scalpel blades
  • needles - hand sewing and cheap (from china) machine needles
  • white cotton
  • pins

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