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2016-06-10 Greg Partially Working High acceleration on Y-axis can cause missed steps

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Work Log

When Work Done Who By
2015-09-21 Reconnected up/down switch for moving bed. Bob
2015-09-23 Added lid microswitch to turn off laser when lid is opened. Bob
2015-11-15 Added reset microswitch. Wired coolant system into network. Replaced stepper power supply with 30V one. Blew up one of the stepper drivers. Fuck. Wired up routoutcnc stepper driver to replace broken driver, immediately blew up too. Fuck. Wired up second routoutcnc stepper driver to 12v instead of 30V. MBed is buggered, heating up and crashing, but cutter works for a short time. Bob
2015-11-20 Replaced MBed with new one, replaced other stepper driver with third (and last!) routoutcnc board on 12V. Transferred config across. Works perfectly, fixing preexisting engraving problem! Disconnected reset button because it was causing crashing. Bob
2015-11-23 Installed red emergency reset button with shielded cable, now works without spurious resets. Greg
2015-11-29 Attempted to fix X-axis issue - Reseated cables, switched stepper drivers, replaced cables entirely, no joy. Can only be motor. Bob
2015-12-14 Replaced X-axis motor, mounted 16T pulley and adjusted tension. Began aligning mirror on motor mount. Greg
2015-12-15 Finished motor mount mirror alignment - still some misalignment on the first mirror. Awaiting 20T pulley. Greg
2015-12-27 Replaced pulley - Working fine. Greg
2016-01-07 Cleaned head mirror and lens. Bob
2016-01-11 Replaced lens as previous one had EXPLODED. Bob
2016-02-03 Cleaned air assist nozzle, lens and mirrors, checked and adjusted alignment. Greg
2016-02-27 Rebuilt cooling system. Now has two flow meters in line, one for the cooling system, and one thats hard-wired into the water detect line on the laser PSU. Bob
2016-03-04 Cleaned air assist nozzle, lens, mirrors, and orange bed . Greg
2016-05-26 Cleaned air assist nozzle, lens, mirrors. Investigated air pump stuck on - not the cable. I suspect a bad relay is the problem. Greg
2016-05-29 Moved air assist pump to relay board channel 3. Now functional. Relay Board Channel 2 should not be used. Greg
2016-06-10 Fixed startup issue with wire loop in connector over lid switch position. User reported issues on Y-axis - motor can be heard to skip steps. This is consistent with the misalignment produced when cutting. Y-axis current and/or acceleration need tweaking. Greg