Laser Cutter/Inductions

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About inductions

You need an induction to safely use the laser cutter! The induction includes setting up your computer to use the laser, along with a guide on how to use the software, and safely use the laser.

You need to bring:

  • A laptop (if you have one - if not tell us and we can use a space PC)
  • £1 for laser time
  • A Design you'd like to cut (if you have one - if not we can whip something together)

Future Induction Booking

We are no longer training people on the Blue Laser Cutter. Please see Orange_Laser_Inductions for training on the orange laser cutter

Past Induction History

27th of February, 2014
by: Bob
Kathryn Reeve
Simon Dowdney
Mark Ashworth
13th June 2014
by: Bob
Chris Ball
Thursday 31 July 2014
by: Tas
1830 - Harvinder Atwal
1900 - Pete Blacker
2000 - BenDooks
Friday the 8th of August, 8pm
by: Bob spots: 3
 Rob Coleman (robtherockstar)
 Simon from Guernsey (Simon from Guernsey)
Thursday the 21st of August, 7pm
by: Tas spots: 3
Alisha Barton
Edward Bennigsen (EdwardB)
Thursday 25 September 2014
by: Tas & Bob spaces: 5
Slideshow Blob (Ritchie)
Richard Carrigan
Thursday 30th October 2014 @ 7.30pm
by: Tas & Bob spaces: 6
Tony Goacher
Dave Potts
Jez Houghton
Nathan Hickling
Paolo Pizzol [No Show]
Thursday 27th November 2014 @ 7.30pm
by: Tas & Bob spaces: 5
Paolo Pizzol [No Show]
Mike Haynes
Thursday 12th Feb 2015
by: Tas spaces: 1
Alan Bentley (3D-Engineer)
Thursday 9th April 2015 @ 7:00pm
by: Bob spaces: 5
Andrea Pazos
Monday 29th June 2015 @ 7:30pm
by: Bob & Tas spaces: 5
T Gia
J Baines