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The MMMM is a monthly meeting on the Fourth Monday of each month at 7pm that all members of the space are invited to. We discuss issues relevant to our community, including project updates, events, decisions, infrastructure and policy changes. Meetings are ended with direction for the upcoming month and wind up with social time.

If there is something you’d like to discuss, please add it to the Agenda, this aims to keep discussions on track and away from Bikeshedding. The meetings aren’t compulsory and members are invited to attend.

Hackspace Manchester, Wellington House, Pollard Street, Manchester, M40 7FS

Next Meeting Agenda

Standing items

Please do not remove these as they are required at each meeting

  • Approval of minutes for last meeting
  • Reports from teams
    • Board
    • Craft
    • Laser
    • 3D Print
    • Documentation
    • Procurement
    • Electrical
    • Events
    • Social
    • Wood

Member submitted items

  • At the moment inductions to the woody dusty are just a general, this is how all the tools work and legal disclaimer making sure a 2nd person is in when using dangerous things. Should we have a more detailed official process? - RW
  • HTSD - need a new one to sort out member storage following the last MMMM
  • HTSD - we could do with swapping the bench table in the metal area with the larger one outside, I'm currently building a shelf / trolley for pulling out the surface plate, this is sized to the larger table - RW
  • HTSD - donation of melamine faced ply (formerly a standing desk). Need volunteers to assist with transport to the space - MS
  • There's been some concerns raised about the amount of weight we have on top of the metal area at the moment, we'll need to move it around to put the last bit of cable tray up along the back wall (which leads to the members storage)
  • Do we have an updates on the wiring quote? / wiring status
    • Not heard back yet, but this would be team sparkies thing to chase - cone.
  • Darren has offered an Anycubic Kossel delta printer for permanent loan, this is the same one I have at home - RW

- larger printing area
- I think its faster than the one in the space
- uses a Bowden tube / external stepper for the filament making the filament easier to change
I'd like to see this on the table next to the vacuum former since I don't think it would take up much space (taller more than anything)

  • IanN - can we get a google hangout or something to the monthly meeting for those of us slightly more remote members?
  • Request from board finance to have MMMM at the start of the month rather than the end
    • Can have a full month statement rather than a skewed 4 week old one.
    • Now 3DPUG has stopped, 1st Monday of month could work?
  • Any update from "the process"? Are we close to having something to click about on?
  • <Your Items Here>

Previous Meeting's Minutes

Minutes are written up and uploaded to the GitHub repo as a markdown file named by the date the meeting was on.