March Madness

The Challenge

Keith Chester wrote:

I hereby challenge all of you. That’s right, I’m taking off my hypothetical still-wish-they-were-in-style white glove and slapping you in the face with it.

The challenge?

One program. Every. Day.

For all of March.

The Language? Any. I don’t care if you use a magnetic needle to flip bits on a hard drive. The Platform? Everything – hell if you can get your Dog to say hello world it’ll count.

The rules:

  1. You need to write one program, every day. Duh. Any language. You can not duplicate functionality. This means a Hello World in Java is fine, but don’t go and make a Hello World in Python afterward.
  2. You need to post the code online. If it’s an embedded project, post a picture/video of it working. Every day, I will take the lead on collecting these pictures and posting them the next day online.
  3. The deadline for submission of your code/pic/video is MIDNIGHT that day. The result is posted the next day on our website.

That’s it for rules, but… challenge yourself. The “complexity” of the code is difficult to judge. There is no rule saying you can’t just be clever with LEDs every day. But do something new, challenge yourself. There’s no way to regulate this.

Who’s gonna take this on with me?

Throwin down da’ gauntlet,


Taken from Fubar Labs


The Participants

Team HACMan

Other Participants

HACMan Rules

  1. You should commit the code to the HACMan SVN (ask parag0n, JonTheNiceGuy or TBSliver for the username/password if you dont have it)
  2. Use the page for that day for pictures/screenshots and basically all information you can about the program you have written (even if it's a Hello World...) Also add the details to the table below, to make it easier to track whats been done. Use a simple description in the Program column - the Day page is for a detailed description!
  3. The program should be under a free software licence, however which one is up to the programmer. Here is a list of free software licences that could be used. If in doubt, just use GPL or whichever licence you're familiar with - The main focus of this is the programming!
  4. Do not duplicate the functionality of programs already done for this. As said in the Challenge, this is about learning new things, so even if you're using a language you're completely new to, make it do something interesting - choose a random function from the language and make something interesting from that!
  5. Post to the list about your intentions, and which day(s) you want to program for. It would be quite counter productive if we had 5 people for one day, and none for the next 4.
  6. Dont worry about getting the description done on the day - as long as the code is done and working, the description can be polished over the next couple of days if necessary.

The Hosting

All code should be commited to the svn - located at As said in the HACMan rules, ask TBSliver or parag0n for the username/password. The project folder is called '2010_March_Madness' and each day has a specific folder to keep things in at least some resemblance of organisation!

The Programs

Day Programmer Program
1st JimM Rockstorm - Python/PyGame
2nd JonTheNiceGuy PHP daemon to poll Twitter replies (hopefully!)
3rd TBSliver (VERY) Simple Graph program in Brainf*ck
4th parag0n RGB Sphere
5th Tallscreen London A-Z Calculator
6th JimM "Will it rain" lamp
7th parag0n RGB Sphere v2 - Bluetooth Magic Sphere
8th Tallscreen Building height calculator
9th Tallscreen Word-puzzle solver
10th TBSliver (another) BF Program
11th parag0n Habari URL Bouncer plugin
12th parag0n SVN zipup post-commit hook
13th JonTheNiceGuy A dynamic timetable.
14th JimM Processing demo - "Sway"
15th TBSliver I2C Keypad
16th pwaring Wikipedia UK railway scraper
17th JimM Text frequency analysis
18th parag0n Markov Chain Generator
19th doghousedean CSV Homepage
20th Andrew Arduino 3 phase triangle wave generator
21st parag0n RGBluetooth Ambilight
22nd Tallscreen VB6 MP3 renamer
23rd parag0n attiny13 low voltage detector
24th Tallscreen Arduino Space Game
25th Tallscreen Tabloid Truthificator
26th pwaring Wikipedia UK railway parser
27th parag0n A PHP-based Calendar generator
28th Sward Test program for LoL Shield that progressively fills and unfills the display.
29th pwaring Perl script to generate sitemap.xml files for websites.
30th Tallscreen Minesweeper in Javascript
31st Various Mega Hello World