March Madness/Day 22

I like my MP3's to have a filename which is just the title of the track, but some MP3's also include the artist, or the track number, or other information in the filename. I even burned a CD ROM with MP3's once, and all the long-filename information was lost, rendering the filenames in 8.3 format.

To deal with this problem, I've written a quick hack in Visual Basic 6, which allows you to select a bunch of MP3's (or drag and drop them onto the EXE file) and it will rename them all with the title of the track as the filename.

Like I say, this is just a hack really. It's a mess, the variable names are dreadful, there's practically no error checking, and no user feedback, but it works.

Added fact: The MP3 file extension came into being on July 14, 1995.