March Madness/Day 9

Over the weekend, some friends and I were lounging about killing time, when someone produced a newspaper and started reading out crossword clues. It quickly transpired that we were all rubbish at crosswords, which gave me the idea of producing this program to cheat!

Also, when I wrote the crossword code, I realised it was relatively simple so I decided to add something to help at Scrabble as well.

It's another web-based PHP script. Shove it into a folder with a wordlist file called words.txt which consists of one word per line, and nothing else.

It should be fairly self-explanatory if you've ever done a crossword or played Scrabble.

Added fact: The highest possible legal score on a first Scrabble turn is MUZJIKS for 128 points.

<edit> I've noticed a couple of errors since completing this program. In the Scrabble section, the comment about changing the code if your wordlist is in lowercase is incorrect. Also, in the following line, I try to uppercase the input variable $min despite the fact that this can only ever be a numerical value. Doh!