September 2012 (32k) Order

Order now closed.

Order completed, due to the size of the Order they have shipped it for Saturday Delivery, so should arrive with me 15th September. I will arrange the distribution as discussed.


will purchase

who qty Paid? Received?
ginge 20 Y Y
DaShroom 10 Y Y
parag0n 25 Y 15
alanbur 15 Y Y
idn 3 Y Y
Rowan 2 Y Y
Langster 5 Y Y
MattG 7 Y Y
Drrk 10 Y Y
Kit-10 3 Y Y
Totals 100

Other Space's Orders

As of 12th Sept, 12:00

who qty Paid?
HACMan 100 89
London 67 53
Northampton 20 Y
Brighton 30 Y
Reading 43 Y
Leeds 65 Y
Others (handled by drrk) 8 Y
Totals 333 308