Funny, and possibly out-of-context, quotes heard in the space or on the chat(s).


  • "That is an offence" - GM
  • "Why does the label printer have an anus?" - GM
  • "Do you know what really annoys me about the anus on the label printer? It covers up the rating plate!" - GM
  • "doorbell doesn’t work so bang loudly on the door" - cone
  • "Can someone go over there and lube that thing up" - Bunny
  • "I wonder if oriental people have cheese in their countries" BunnyGirl
  • "How come Orientation isn't racist" - Bunnygirl
  • "what do Oriental people call Orienting they can't really call it me-ing can they" - Bunny Girl
  • If someone from South Korea want a good job do they go to the Korea Advice Service" Bunny Girl
  • In China what do they call there cups is it Fine Bone us" - Bunny Girl
  • Where can i find the stuff I've uploaded on github.... is it suppositories - bunny Girl

Plenty of protein in the cute boy diet - Kinnison


"It's like masturbating an alien!" - Bob

 "I keep forgetting that August is a month." - Alex
 <Tallscreen> I'm happy to go with pervy
 <Tallscreen> Aaaargh. Looking at cheap stuff on eBay which I don't need!
 <parag0n> welcome to my world
 <parag0n> i wonder how many people i've killed with that advice
< NotQuiteHere> Somehow "my power supply exploded a bit" has all the 
                reassuring qualities of "it was only a small fireball, 
                more of a bijou fireballette really".

The classification of wheeled vehicles

15:44 < tallscreen> http://protobikes.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/1-11-2013-21-36-28_002.jpg
15:45 < tallscreen> How cute is that?
15:46 < TBSliver> im not surprised you want to make one of them :P
15:51 < tallscreen> I just want to hug it.
15:52 < srimech> That's a unicycle with a stabiliser.
15:54 < wlll> Some would call that a Bicycle.
15:54  * wlll <-- pedant
15:54 < srimech> So is a normal bike with stablisers a quadricycle?
15:54 < wlll> It has to me
15:54 < wlll> be*
15:54 < srimech> Motorbike with a sidecar?
15:55 < wlll> I'd have to go with Motortrike
15:55  * wlll isn't giving this up
15:57 < parag0n> what about a bike with stabilisers on the front and back
15:58 < NucWin> so a drag car is a 6 wheeler because it has rear stabilisers?
15:58 < srimech> Car with a bike rack on the back but the rack has broken and
                 one of the bike wheels is dragging on the road?
15:59 < wlll> Illegal pentacycle
15:59 < wlll> Drag cars are just stupid
16:00 < NucWin> hover boat on a tailer?
16:00 < parag0n> bicycle hovercraft
16:00 < parag0n> nullacycle?
16:01 < parag0n> segway?
16:02 < NucWin> a car on two mc donnalds trays with the handbreak on?
16:02 < parag0n> an upside down car?
16:03 < wlll> These will all be carefully categorised in time.
16:03 < srimech> Is a paddle steamer a bicycle?
16:03 < wlll> Yes.
16:03 < srimech> Zorb. Monowheel or Infiniwheel?
16:03 < wlll> Hmmm
16:04 < wlll> I'd err on the side of not a wheel
16:04 < wlll> so a nullacycle
16:04 < srimech> Hmm
16:04 < parag0n> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/79/IT_%28South_Park%3B_The_Entity%29.jpeg
16:04 < parag0n> ?
16:04 < srimech> Is someone on rollerskates riding an octocyle or two quads?
16:05 < srimech> octocycle*
16:05 < parag0n> what if they're on a bike, wearing rollerskates
16:05 < wlll> Two quads, and that's still a bicycle and two quadcycles.

From #tilda

 15:58 < parag0n> but lemons dont play music :(