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A well stocked Snackspace

Snackspace is (mostly) full of wonderful organic consumables for many of the life forms that use the space! The items are usually priced either with a purple star, or on the board to the side, and can be exchanged for coinage. If you are a member, we also have a small honesty system that allows you to put your name on the other board, and have a 'space owes you' or 'I owe the space' figure to help minimise the fumbling with change. Except when we have to count it all!


Cans 50p
San Pellegrino 60p
Capri Sun £1
Bottles of Water 40p
Marvelous Creations Jelly and Popping Candy Bars 60p
Milky Way small bars 25p
Dairy Milk Little Bars 25p
Milky Bars 25p
Haribo 10p
Caramel Freddos 25p
Other Sweets Individually priced
Flapjack 50p
Noodle Bowls £1.50

Common list of items to purchase for Snackspace

Current maximum order cost is £265


Minimum of one cola type, one diet non-cola, and one orange can type - consumption rises for summer, and drops in winter.


  • San Pellegrino Orange - 4 trays
  • San Pellegrino Blood Orange - 2 trays
  • PRICE MARKED Pepsi Max - 3 trays
  • Diet Tango Orange - 2 trays
  • Irn Bru - 1 tray

If Cheap

  • Diet 7UP - 1 tray
  • Rio Tropical - 2 trays
  • Tango Apple - 2 trays
  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer
  • Lilt

Other Drinks

  • Capri Suns - 4 boxes


  • Marvelous Creations Jelly and Popping candy Bars - 2 boxes
  • Haribo 10p Starmix bags - 2 boxes
  • Haribo 10p Tangtastic bags - 2 boxes
  • Small Milkybars - 1 box
  • Small milkyway bars - 1 box
  • Swizzle 10p Fun Gums Teeth and Teethbrushes - 2 boxes
  • Cadbury's Dairy Milk Little bars - 1 box

Savory Snacks and Food

  • Salted/Roasted Cashew nuts bags - 1 tray/board
  • Walkers Mixed Crisp - 2 boxes
  • Mixed box of individually wrapped Flapjack - 1 box
  • Noodle bowls - 1 hot flavor, 1 not spicy flavor - from a Chinese supermarket/cash and carry


  • Rainbow Drops
  • Space Raiders
  • Mug Shots

Snackspace Consumables

These are items that the hackspace classes as consumables, and aims to keep in stock. We have a small budget for this so we encourage donations, and have donation jars around the space.

Consumables are sourced and organised by Team Procurement. If we're out of something on this list, please email or put it up on the Trello Board.

  • toilet roll
  • blue roll
  • bleach
  • hand soap - NOT 99.9% bug killing
  • swarfega
  • toilet blob cleaner
  • henry bags
  • bin bags
  • Detol spray
  • Sponge scourers

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