Laser Cutting

  • Kitronik - Laserable materials and electronics
  • Hobarts - Laser cutting materials
  • Hobby's - Small boards of oak, wallnut, cherry, and mahogany to name just a few.

General Materials

  • Wilko - DIY and Home Supplies (Handiest - Arndale Center)
  • Clas Ohlson - Home supplies, but has a good tool and materials section downstairs (Handiest - Arndale Center)
  • Wickes - DIY supplies (Handiest - 4 Manchester Rd. SK4 1TN)
  • B&Q - DIY supplies (Handiest - Manchester Fort, M8 8EP)
  • Timber Recycling in Manchester - Gorton-based wood recyclers


3D Printing

  • 3Dfilaprint - Great place for 3D printing filament and parts

Model Making

Scientific Things


  • eBay - Where would we be without it?
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