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There are 4 fretsaw's we have in total

 * Draper - Part: FS325A (green - currently in woody dusty)
 * Draper - Part: FS16A (black - currently on top of the metal area)
 * Fern - Part: FFZ-400N (green with air assist - currently in the corridor)
 * PowerCraft - Part: PowerPlus POWX190 (location unknown, maybe top of metal area

Draper Fretsaw - PART No.FS16A

  • Maximum cut - 50mm (2")
  • Throat depth - 400mm (16")
  • Blade length - 127mm (5")
  • Cuts per minute - 1450
  • Stroke - 19mm
  • Table size - 374 x 200mm
  • Table tilt - 0-45°
  • Machine dimensions - 400 x 216 x 220mm
  • Motor - 93W (230V/A.C.)
  • Nett/gross weight - 20/23kg

The typical sound pressure level of this tool is less than 70db

Replacement Blades

This tool takes 5" (127mm) length pinned blades as a preference (although it can take flat blades as explained in the manual)

We usually stock 0.25x2mm (0.010x0.080 inch), 7.5z/cm (18.5TPI) blades, which are stored in the blue toolbox marked SPARE SAW BLADES.


Draper Fretsaw Manual

Power Craft Fretsaw

Also sold as the PowerPlus POWX190 scroll saw, this saw is a bit bigger than the Draper model.

Replacement Blades

Blade size: 133 x 2.6mm, pinned as a preference


Power Craft Fretsaw Manual


  • Don't leave the machine while it's running - it can frequently move on its own
  • Use guard to prevent blades and material breaking in a dangerous way.