New Members

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New Members

Hi so you've joined the Manchester hackspace.
Below is a general overview of the do's and don'ts while in the space

Please Do

  • When using tools please place them back where you found them. It can be very frustrating for other members if a tool is misplaced and can't be found, especially if it has been donated.
  • Please tidy up when making a mess. Using tools in the woody dusty area and leaving a mess of wood and dust for example is generally not cool, since it just means someone else has to tidy it up.
  • Don't be afraid to report when something breaks. If you'd tried to be careful but a tool is no longer working don't be afraid to mention something has gone wrong (such as the belt wearing out on the belt sander for example)

Can I?

  • Can I use the Laser Cutter?

To use the laser cutter you first need to book an induction via Telegram.
Telegram group

  • Can I paint the walls / things?

It's best to ask permission before painting walls or things in general (on Telegram is a good idea).
Putting graffiti on the walls is generally not a polite thing to do and we aim to be as inclusive as possible for all members.