New Members

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New Members

Hi so you've joined the Manchester hackspace.
Below is a general overview of the do's and don'ts while in the space

Please Do

  • When using tools please place them back where you found them. It can be very frustrating for other members if a tool is misplaced and can't be found, especially if it has been donated.
  • Please tidy up when making a mess. Using tools in the woody dusty area and leaving a mess of wood and dust for example is generally not cool, since it just means someone else has to tidy it up.
  • Don't be afraid to report when something breaks. If you'd tried to be careful but a tool is no longer working don't be afraid to mention something has gone wrong (such as the belt wearing out on the belt sander for example)
  • Read the code of conduct TODO insert link

Can I?

  • Can I paint the walls / things?

It's best to ask permission before painting walls or things in general (on Telegram is a good idea).
Putting graffiti on the walls is generally not a polite thing to do and we aim to be as inclusive as possible for all members.

  • Can I use the large dangerous tools?

Generally for insurance reasons we tend to have to give an induction on the big tools to make sure we're covered. The main number one rule is that no-one should be allowed to use one of the big dangerous tools (like the table saw) while they're alone in the space. For those tools at least one other person needs to be present somewhere in the space.

Induction List

This is a list of tools that require special care / an induction for use

  • Laser Cutter

To use the laser cutter you first need to book an induction via Telegram, and you need to be a member
We need to be careful with the laser cutter, it's one of the few tools we charge for using because of the glass tube that needs to be periodically replaced (and is quite expensive)

    • Please book an induction on the members portal
    • And contact someone on telegram Telegram group
  • CNC

To use the CNC an induction is required, it's more complex to use than the laser cutter as it's basically a computer controlled milling bit that operates in 3 dimensions.
It has the advantages over the laser cutter in that it can work with thicker materials or materials that wouldn't normally be allowed for use with the laser cutter.