Pledges/Reflow Oven

Several of the members have expressed interest in a new reflow oven, and so we're doing a pledge drive, organised by Matt.

We're looking to raise £160 for an Infra-Red chip heater, which is apparently better than a standard reflow oven. The device will also do correct temperature curves for chip drying and should be significantly better and more accurate than a toaster oven. Seeing as the toaster oven we currently have trips the breakers it can't be a bad idea!

Any extra funds will go towards materials and tools for it, such as solder paste, fine syringes with fine filler tips, etc.

[800W Infrared SMD BGA IC Heater Reflow Oven Windowed Drawer 180×235mm Area]

The device will be bought once the lowest price is obtained, likely towards the end of the month.


Target - £160

Matt - £50

Alex Lang - £30 (paid)

Garlicbread - £30 (paid)

Fahad - £50 (paid)

Total - £160