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(Really Good Soldering Iron)
(Really Good Soldering Iron)
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* [[User:thinkl33t|Bob]]
* [[User:thinkl33t|Bob]]
* [[User:Garlicbread|Richard]] - sound good, also any chance of chisel tips
* [[User:Garlicbread|Richard]] - sounds good, also any chance of chisel tips

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This is a list of all the tools we'd like.

Wood Lathe

Wood lathe would be awesome! However it makes a lot of mess, and is pretty dangerous if misused.

Price: £100 - £300

New Dremel

An additional dremel would be handy, they are on offer sometimes from amazon for like

Price: £20 ish.

Leather Working Tools

Price: Around £40

Vibratory Finisher

"They are good for polishing stuff"

Price: Around £150

Smelting furnace

Induction or charcoal. Induction can be used inside with extraction, charcoal needs to be outdoor.

Price: £400-600

Vacuum Former

Because stormtrooper costumes. That's why.

Price: ~£100 for a DIY one, £50 - £200 for an ex-school one.

T-shirt printing stuff

Vinyl Cutter and Heat press would be a good combo for this.

Price: £170 for Vinyl Cutter, £80 for heat press.

Large area CNC

One of the devices that might come in usefull is a large area CNC like the xcarve / shapeoko 3 / openbuilds ox
I've seen a few youtube videos of people that have got the xcarve for free by doing a review on youtube
It may be worth sending out a few begging letters

Goo Printer

High resolution DLP 3d printers are pretty awesome, as long as people treat the resin with a suitable amount of respect. I have a LittleRP at home (can do up to 7cm x 5cm x 11cm prints that cost about £500 all in, and I have the electronics for a second one if people are interested in building it.

Cost: £300-£2000

Scanning Electron Microsope

How about an SEM Scanning Electon Microscope
Might be a tad expensive, although some of the really old ones on ebay look actually supprisingly cheap
$2000 - $6000 + vat and delivery, plus running costs (I think it takes a week or two to get the main vacuum chamber down to a suitable level)

New Oscilloscopes

Not sure if we need a new scope in the space since we already have at least one old digital one on the shelf.
But if we ever decide to get one of the new digital ones with signal decoding

  • One of the more common ones recommended on EEVBlog as a cheapy is the Rigol, since it can have a lot of it's features turned on via firmware hacks, there are DSO and MSO models for capturing digital lines
  • For the DSO £282 - £680
  • [Rigol Link]
  • The more expensive pro ones are the Tektronix which seem to have better refresh rates
  • Richard

Really Good Soldering Iron

Right now we have a few soldering irons, but the temperature controlled one is dying (losing its settings every reboot) and the SMD one is no good for heavy work.

I suggest we buy an Oki/Metcal PS900 Soldering iron. This is the same model I have at home, and costs £160ish from farnell. It is an induction-powered soldering iron, meaning it heats up to full soldering temperature in under 10 seconds, it is able to do tiny SMD work and also throw MASSES OF HEAT onto groundplanes and the like for soldering big things. It is literally the best soldering iron i have ever used.

  • Bob
  • Richard - sounds good, also any chance of chisel tips